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Innocence is transitory

A quiet, calm, peaceful looking cat like this would surely never chase a chipmunk and carry it in her mouth and await entrance to the house. Or hover over its doorway of burrow and cause chip chip chipping.

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She totally would

If given the chance, Holly would too:



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Cat of the woods


We keep a close eye on her, and any potential chipmunk-chases. Outdoors is okay when there are no other cats to chase away. She got bitten by blackflies tho. Not all first times are a pleasure.

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Feeling at Home

Holly likes the cottage much more than at home. No cats sitting on her porch or window sill or walking across her yard. She doesn’t meow and scratch through the morning like her habit was for months. She has places to climb, sun, watch outside. All the windows are at her height or up somewhere high. She doesn’t claw legs or bite ankles anymore.


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Cat, Boxes


She is working her way up to becoming a lap cat. First the jeans without the person.


Conquering the box.



Sleeping on the other end of the sofa on the books.

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Winter Rests & belly rubs

Cat shows life can be easier.

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