Harried Days

My name is Valdebar and I am a compulsive licker. 
I groom myself as any decent fit feline does and my roommate too because of her overeating, she can’t reach her own behind,or hips for that matter. This is reasonable, socially acceptable. Although it does have as a result that I vomit hairballs far more than the average cat. I can live with that if my tall hairless study group can tolerate it. But of late I’ve found this self-comforting method seems to have grown so that I feel a need to groom not just myself but most anything presented near my nose. Leg joints, of tall hairless I will call by function, Sandbox maintenance worker, Sandy for short, and food and water receptical crew, who I’ll call Wat for short. So Wat and Sandy are now becoming an extension of my grooming regimen.Sometimes I find myself watching them as they sleep and fight off the urge to groom them. (They do smell so. It must be the horrid diet!) Sometimes I can’t stop myself and I lick a toe or nose. Sometimes I find myself licking a covering that they have worn, or bedding. I am Valdbar and I admit I have a problem.


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