I believe there is a Hairless Tall expression to the effect of: my species has 9 lives. It’s interesting that they too seem to have a desire to try to make a system of knowledge concerning us. They are wrong of course as they are about most things but that they make an effort with their extremely limited intellect is endearing.

In fact, we have 8 dimensions which we can inhabit. When the humans think we “cat nap” we are actually entering the psychic realm of one of the oracles to visit with alternative adventures.

They do seem to have coincidentally made what would be an astute observation if correct. If they had in fact observed enough data, they might achieve understanding. But then that is the case with any observation, isn’t it? I seem to be waxing philosophic these days but my raw data of notes contain my more factual observations and they are already sent to my superiors. While the Hairless Talls are out, and my having completed my observation notes, analysis, olifactory collection, I have time for such a use of time. I deserve it.

Mrooh knows that *I* do my share in working hours unlike some field researchers I could mention. I think I shall rename my colleague, she-who-is-birthed-of-closet as she seems to spend the majority of her time inside the confines of the closed cupboard for the human fur alternatives.


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