inkling of something

I guess I could mention that I don’t type this directly. My first language is 3rd dimension feline and I only uplink psychically to blogger with a translation matrix more sophisicated than babblefish.

Sometimes when my subjects talk I understand but their language is a harsh rasping jolting sort of sound. One word seems to mamp to dozens of notions. With their lack of awareness of their own telepathic abilities, and although they address my colleague and I often, sometimes I think we communicate best through eye contact and proximity. They aren’t the brightest kit in the kaboodle but they are learning. We are making a sort of pidgen method.

And to be honest, I’ll admit, I am starting to grow fond of these study subjects. They move suddenly, spastically at an alarming rate and roar by times. They have baffling dietary habits. They penchant for changing their identifying outer fur and scent leaves me bemused. Yet, there may be some if not, depth to intelligence, depth to their individual characters, some value as savient beings.


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