Cultural Affairs

If they had the benefit of tails, they would be flicking but as is, only a jaw twitched. If it were my colleague and I involved in such a napless fuss, one of us I know would be plotting. As surely as the other fell asleep the other would have vengeance with a neat, effective line of blood exacted on an ear or nose. The attitude that rose would fall to place accordingly like an arched back resettling to longer-circle-lie-nap.

Sometimes I wake up tuna-aware of the cheddery opportunity I have here. I thrill to observe up close the species I studied in kittenhood. They have fascinating habits of interaction first-nose. They have a whole other tack when it comes to conflcit resolution for instance. It seems extremely elaborate and energy consuming.

While my kind, partly due perhaps to the configuration of our vocal folds and the gentle nature of our telepathy, fall short of the protracted negotiations this species seems capable of. Even in the middle of this moving of house, there was not one attitude adjusting claw of the nose, although judging from the glint of those oddly full-moon pupils, at a number of points, and the clutch of their prehensile paws, the claws very nearly were unsheathed. Yet they managed to burble and mumar their way through.

Cross-culturally,this is an outstanding discovery for me personally. when you come in contact with other cultures, it changes you. Even a cat can be unmoved by new data such as this.

Before I go make a nest of myself on my host subjects, I would like to go on record, even if it can’t be in my official report to my superiors for it is harem to say, that I personally believe that the Hairless Talls *have* culture.


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