coming home

The procession of them high-tailing it home should begin shortly.

I have observed a greater probability of their carrying their ears (the tiny paralyzed things that go for ears in that species,) the equivalent of high when there is sun such as this.

There has been a higher rate of their stammered variety of purrs of late. Perhaps it is because of me. You see, I have been feeling somewhat worse for the bark of the construction nearby. It has left me skitterish with cravings for grass. My addiction to licking has spiked again. I can’t seem to help myself sometimes. I groom compulsively, even the soft cat-beds and my Sandy’s hand until I had rasped it red. I don’t know what comes over me

But soon they they will be home. I look forward to that. They do have a kind regard for me and have shared body heat at length, even stilling their pawing of the one-eyed glowing machine to just sit and be with me. I couldn’t have had a nicer assignment.


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