Hail Mror! But what a storm!

By Catess Mror, that was some storm! Hail even the size of kibble. It was quite the clatter on the window glass. Like nails of bull terriors on concrete.

That recently has just come and gone was positively tail-tucking.

You know, I am not one to hide from a bit of thunder. Even a squealing child will only make me rise to withdraw and observe at a safe distance. But this storm was unique. It was crackling. I could feel the shockwaves. Faint smell of ozone even.

The storm was closer than most I’ve seen.

Nonetheless fearless investigator I am, I kept my eyes and nose to the screen door, at least initiallly.

I was thinking to myself “With the speed of sound being about 740 miles per hour and if lightning and thunder separation is 5 seconds, that lighting strike was a mile away, and each strikes has an average distance of 3 miles. By my calculations it must have been –”

I must have jumped at least 3 full cat lengths directly backwards in an arc!

(Landing on my feet of course)

But yoowlie! that strike must have been well within half a mile. Much tooo close for this cat’s comfort.

I spent the next part of the storm hiding out under the couch, just to be on the safe side.


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