Scandalous Observation

There are sadists really.

They take this delicacy of their species that they refer to as /see ach iyiy essiy/ and they not only withhold it from us, full-well knowing how we adore the substance, but then they put it so inapropraitely on those chlorophyll pods they insist on eating. (I can only imagine how differently their digestion system must work for that to be palateable!)

Then, to add insult to it all, they let the /see ach iyiy essiy/ burn to charcoal.

Have they no sense of it’s value? Sticks of opium are to be melted and smoked not this! Have they no morals?

My eyes widened incredulously as the wonderful fragrance turned to that of the usual burned food. It really is too upsetting to report back to the feline collective. this disregard for the delicacy has been on record as food abuse. the record needs no more citings to inflame and strain the relations between our species.

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