Barking up the Family Tree

There are so many feral individuals out there on diurnal soujourns.

Some with ears that are on short tubes, some long-lobed, some with a lobe directly angled to the head, otehrs with a flap. Some of the species have hair coming out of the canal. The cartiledge is as a flat panel, others subdivided into hollows. Some are black, some pink, some blue and shaved but none I have seen have been calico. Odd. Some species get all the breaks I guess.

They and their friends vary to an amusing degree in scale. Although we do have cousins who are much larger than I am, the lions of the Serengeti and Ocelot of the southern americas, my kind is more lunch than lunch date with these. They do not have the advantage of multi-dimensional living as we do.

So far as canines, they are a bit of a blank. Their code, for it is too primitive to be called a full-fledged language, had eleuded our best code-breakers. We get the general impressions of course. Who could miss the meaning of”loooooonely, got a feeeeling called the blluuuuues” utterance or “yo I’m king.” the more subtle aspects are something of a Rosetta Stone.

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