Plasticity and Play-Doe

How they can be of one small gene pool but be shaped so plastically is a wonder. I suppose it only externally, or at least the genes that vary between them are not that great but manifest physical attributes that give the impression of greater distinctions than there are.

They can hardly make do with the senses they have. Their night vision seems weak and their senses of smell and hearing are like newborns. Yet those opposible thumbs are admirable. I shouldn’t envy them for that though. Had we have developed opposible thumbs we might never have harnessed our superior intellectual ability, the dark 9/10 of the mind that for them, the lights are still not on. telekenesis eludes them even after so many millenium. Indeed even strategic planning a strain on their mental resources whereas I can put it to trivial use such as when I waited for my colleague to go through her scheduled wake up and third turn of the PM then knocked the bag off the counter right onto her dull noggin.

Ah, it wasn’t fair and wasn’t nice but was a highlight of my day.

She got hers though when she waited until I was in stretched out sleep and did a direct assault planting a claw right across my nose. There was some tearing around in circles through this place. Let me tell you that. It’s all a bit of foreplay anyway. Grabbed her by the nape I’ll tell you.

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