When a door is closed

When a door is closed, god opens a window. that may be a fine passive policy for the hairless talls but when I see a closed door, I open it myself.

I don’t know if it was an accidental closure or environmental enrichment exercise but somehow I got closed in the sliding door closet while there were guests. Well, if it was a test, I passed it of course. In no time at all I had manouevered the slide over to see who it was who had come to visit me in my humble quarters.

I graciously greeted the guests after my fashionably late entrance, licking hands all around. They all seemed pleased to meet me, especially the allergic man in the coner. I have a soft place in my heart for those with dander allergies. I like to snuggle up good and close to those people so as to desensitize them.


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