Cats and Computers

There are some things to be said about cats and computers and with a wink, this person says a lot like,

“Cats adapt naturally to computers. Millions of years of evolutionary pressures have led to cats’ perfecting sophisticated survival skills that enable them to sit for long hours without moving on top of a piece of consumer electronics, like a TV. (Humans, in contrast, sit in front of the TV set. You can see how far our evolutionary mechanisms have taken us.) The leap from TV top to computer is an easy one to make. In fact, few cats ever notice any difference between the two, especially if humans are staring zombie-eyed at both. However, few make the leap without pulling the lamp along with them. ”

While parts are a bit dated now. It’s been a lifetime since I’ve seen a floppy disk for instance, mostly its a treasure trove to post by. More of it is at

It seems there is a satisying number of pages out there devoted to my queenly species. An odd number off them seeem to be covertly written by humans instead of by psychic uplink and translation matrix directly from the cat in question like this one tho. One has a heartwarming sound of kitten Chloe

Until next time, I must paws…


  1. Anonymous said

    From Lynn at

    I look forward to perusing your site! Did you know that your blog entry dates are ahead by a week? Today is August 18th, but your entry is dated the 24th.


  2. Valderbar said

    Yes, Valderbar lives in her own time zone. 🙂 Glad you could make it over Lynn. Enjoy!

  3. Anonymous said

    I was in a store that had two cats, both of which like to sleep on top of the warm photocopier! –Muddy’s Mom,

  4. Anonymous said

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