communication breakthrough

The vocal and non-verbal proxemics routes have had considerable challenges but I think I may be onto something more effective that has been sitting under my nose, or more accurately, south of my larynx all along — hairballs. They don’t look like much, beyond relief of this dizzy head of mine, but actually they show great potential for cross-species communication.

I’m under the impression that it is horrifying the the subjects for me to eject one politcally, say to cough on up on a newspaper. I understand such newspapers are a finite resource and for that reason, it is over the top for me to use that as some strategic point in my arguement for a more frequent sandbox change. I presume that I can reserve teh bed for upping the ante to the max.

A deposit onto the carpet sends them into a flurry of carpet grooming and concern for my well being. The coffee table top however seems to be the newest and most effective response time yet though. I shall have to file away that data. It will probably come in handy.

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