it’s a wonderful (cat) world

You know sometimes you just wake up feeling positvely catty. (I’m reclaiming that word to its rightful place as complimentary). I went for a walk to the old watering hole adn although not absolutely fresh it somehow didn’t seem to matter especially when there has just been one of the showers run with puddles everywhere in the tub. I can’t say as I would take to this nathing method but then, I guess they have to make do with no rasping tongue to clean with such as I have. I’ve observed that even their male organ is not barked or raspy. How that will ever work to good effect, I can’t imagine either Different strokes for different golks I guess. At least the hairless talls do beleive in a good petting and mutual grooming sessions. They aren’t all foreign and uncomprehensible as well as uncomprehending. And they do serve up a good taste of fish. I don’t know which species the sample was from but I must say the morsel I had was worth a considerable amount of time of chin licking to get every last essence of smell. The air remianed heavenly for hours.

They sure do know how to treat a guest for all their shortcomings. Something they call brocoli comes to mind adn the extended joke and mirth they seem to take in repeatedly offering it to me for sniffing. Ah well, bearable and only as important as a loose claw. In time it will fall away as loose stuff. Or with just a bit of knaw or handy wall -tp- wall carpet use.

Which reminds me, I’ve some tearing around to do this evening yet and a bit of vocal training yet on the schedule. Better get to it.

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