principle vs practice

There’s a horizon line of perception, or more accurately, an entire mousing field of distance between what you study and how things are.

I can study the mechanical principles of legs, astutely predict angle, trajectory, speed and force of movement at the point of initial loss of inertia of the subject’s limbs. But there is a more subjective affective level of perception that eludes definition in the stark bones terms I am trained to see in. It may pick up aspects of the underlying nature that cannot be measured by traditional means. It lies largely within the non-verbal, non-conceptual, inside the chemical, hormonal and spiritual realms, much like catnip.

Richer than the marrow of the tibia, wider spread than even the olifactory womb and tunnel of self that trails behind each limb’s’ movement, there is a practice of being beyond the being.

For example, there is “a legness” that connotes into lap, into the soft reflecting surface bringing back to me an echo of my own purrs, radiating heat, the many tactile possibilities of sheathes, the stillness that embodies a wanting nearness, the amount of emotionalism I can read through the unconcious flexing and relaxing of the quadriceps. It links in a functionally inseparable fashion with the upper leg that rests on my leg as a mirror of my own gesture across her leg.

It is something I have put into words but it is nothing words can be put into. It is as if I have snapped the neck of the nature of the concept by the force of the jerking it into words. perhaps a cat who has seen more dimensions than I have would do a better job but honestly, that of which I speak is, in mainstream catonese society, strictly taboo. We are a nation of scientitics, because of the behavior of a few, seen as a nation of sloths, but we are not a nation that as adults can freely fraternize with mushy slobering affection over the cohorts of another species.

Cattess Mror Keep you

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