star staring

Well, to tell the truth I’m bird spotting.

Not much happening on the hairless talls front. Or rear, for that matter. they have been sitting fairly immobile yet seemingly awake for hours now after coming in flushed and animated from what I can only guess may have been a patridge hunt or something equally exciting.

As for me, I’ve been here, at my post. Every few hours a bird sweeps through the streetlight out of the night right into the glinting mirror of my eye. I lick my chops, look back to the stars and purr a prayer to Cattress Mror of thanks for things on winds and wings and my sure ability to catch them, if it weren’t for this glass. A huge panel of cold milkless smooth teat it is. yet I am content to sit for hours on the window sill watching.

The parallel with the study group’s activity has not escaped my notice.

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