It is something of a misnomer, this term I use to refer to my study subject: hairless talls. Still it is only a referent. I will endeaver to be accurate in all other aspects. Sometimes my bias may not be as ruthlessly sharp as it could. I seem to be developing a gentle affinity, remembering the hairless tall aphorism “be kinder than you need to be”.

They are of course, not strictly hairless. They have hair in the same sense a whale does. Compared to me, the subject’s face *is* shockingly bare. Some subjects outside my sample group even have a great deal of it.

Indeed, although not fully hairless, they are tall, even if they were to walk properly on all four legs, they would be a fairly large beast. Their upper leg alone is the measure of my thorax and more. Their muzzles are endearing though. The noze is pug rather like a newborn kit. Part of that is probably contributing to my affectionate regard of them.

It is with mixed feelings when I speak of them in the abstract. They are out of sight and fade from understanding quickly, just as my colleague’s tail does once a day or so when she hides her tail as plain as a midday shadow sliding in stealth across the floor, stalking the far wall.

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