giving a health check up

I get a certain amount of data from nose sniffing but It’s gratisying to get some time to do some resonance scans on the abdominal regions of the subjects as well.

Through something comparable to a bat’s echolocation, my purring, I can distinguish the state and condition of the subject’s organs, for example, kidneys, the fullness level of the bladder. Although they are not aware of my level of expertise at the moment, I feel this baseline will hold us in good stead when we can communicate on a more complex level than say, “good morning. good to see you”, “good night”, “not now” or “you feel ok”? “Not now” incidentally seems to have a proto language root or else is the effect of convergent linguistic evolution because in both catonese and the dialect of hairless talls here, it sounds remarkably iconic as a variant of a growl-snarl.

Anyway, back to matters of health adn well being of the subjects in my care.

My textbook sense of the internal structure is also fleshed out through kneading massage, much like a veterinarian does probing for problems in my case. Although I protest as being gland-handled and moved about in that transport mechanism, I do respect a man or woman of learning such as a veterinarian.

I do wish however that their knowledge base would advance a century or two from this snake oil level of guessing. I mean really, hairless talls aren’t that hard to understand anatomically speaking, but felines are complex, need more sophisticated treatment for all our physical and mental health concerns.

Until next time,
More Prrrr to you.


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