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communication breakthrough

The vocal and non-verbal proxemics routes have had considerable challenges but I think I may be onto something more effective that has been sitting under my nose, or more accurately, south of my larynx all along — hairballs. They don’t look like much, beyond relief of this dizzy head of mine, but actually they show great potential for cross-species communication.

I’m under the impression that it is horrifying the the subjects for me to eject one politcally, say to cough on up on a newspaper. I understand such newspapers are a finite resource and for that reason, it is over the top for me to use that as some strategic point in my arguement for a more frequent sandbox change. I presume that I can reserve teh bed for upping the ante to the max.

A deposit onto the carpet sends them into a flurry of carpet grooming and concern for my well being. The coffee table top however seems to be the newest and most effective response time yet though. I shall have to file away that data. It will probably come in handy.

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it’s a wonderful (cat) world

You know sometimes you just wake up feeling positvely catty. (I’m reclaiming that word to its rightful place as complimentary). I went for a walk to the old watering hole adn although not absolutely fresh it somehow didn’t seem to matter especially when there has just been one of the showers run with puddles everywhere in the tub. I can’t say as I would take to this nathing method but then, I guess they have to make do with no rasping tongue to clean with such as I have. I’ve observed that even their male organ is not barked or raspy. How that will ever work to good effect, I can’t imagine either Different strokes for different golks I guess. At least the hairless talls do beleive in a good petting and mutual grooming sessions. They aren’t all foreign and uncomprehensible as well as uncomprehending. And they do serve up a good taste of fish. I don’t know which species the sample was from but I must say the morsel I had was worth a considerable amount of time of chin licking to get every last essence of smell. The air remianed heavenly for hours.

They sure do know how to treat a guest for all their shortcomings. Something they call brocoli comes to mind adn the extended joke and mirth they seem to take in repeatedly offering it to me for sniffing. Ah well, bearable and only as important as a loose claw. In time it will fall away as loose stuff. Or with just a bit of knaw or handy wall -tp- wall carpet use.

Which reminds me, I’ve some tearing around to do this evening yet and a bit of vocal training yet on the schedule. Better get to it.

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Hrump. That was a very good dream. I could feel each of my toes grip into the loose sand, hit the open lope of easy speed, my muscles rippling and my whiskers twisting. Pounce after pounce I zigzagged conering my prey. With swat of my right foreleg I batted the worthy competitor/meal to the ground and just before the consumation, I woke in victory, did a shimmy and high U cat stretch and threw myself into the next sector of day.

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Cats and Computers

There are some things to be said about cats and computers and with a wink, this person says a lot like,

“Cats adapt naturally to computers. Millions of years of evolutionary pressures have led to cats’ perfecting sophisticated survival skills that enable them to sit for long hours without moving on top of a piece of consumer electronics, like a TV. (Humans, in contrast, sit in front of the TV set. You can see how far our evolutionary mechanisms have taken us.) The leap from TV top to computer is an easy one to make. In fact, few cats ever notice any difference between the two, especially if humans are staring zombie-eyed at both. However, few make the leap without pulling the lamp along with them. ”

While parts are a bit dated now. It’s been a lifetime since I’ve seen a floppy disk for instance, mostly its a treasure trove to post by. More of it is at

It seems there is a satisying number of pages out there devoted to my queenly species. An odd number off them seeem to be covertly written by humans instead of by psychic uplink and translation matrix directly from the cat in question like this one tho. One has a heartwarming sound of kitten Chloe

Until next time, I must paws…

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When a door is closed

When a door is closed, god opens a window. that may be a fine passive policy for the hairless talls but when I see a closed door, I open it myself.

I don’t know if it was an accidental closure or environmental enrichment exercise but somehow I got closed in the sliding door closet while there were guests. Well, if it was a test, I passed it of course. In no time at all I had manouevered the slide over to see who it was who had come to visit me in my humble quarters.

I graciously greeted the guests after my fashionably late entrance, licking hands all around. They all seemed pleased to meet me, especially the allergic man in the coner. I have a soft place in my heart for those with dander allergies. I like to snuggle up good and close to those people so as to desensitize them.

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Cat Honoring

Ah, kitty porn!

I found this site showcasing the beauty of my brethren.

And my! there are some kingly looking Toms there! Rrror,

Much better than this which pushing the line of dignity and good taste. My colleague loves it though.

Oh, and before I get to my catithentics, let me drop on your lap, this other site on how to avoid me from becoming catty because of pet peeves:

Miao baby!

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When I feel the heat within and without,
the fear like an eagle that eyes my spine,
the tightness that winds my sinews like a twine,
I feel a need inside to knead the breasts of mom.
When I need to go to a safe place I glass my eyes
stand in space, let my paws move to trace the lines
of nipples that would race the warm milk
to comfort soul. I treadle, shifting left and right.
Power and peace will flow, without a doubt.
when I am pursued by fight, flight or fuck,
I reroute myself calm, to purr myself home.
No visions of birds, no image of wind, take placebo in
some shirt or mat, some blanket or pillow to track
ahead by going back to my birthing bed, straw and dust,
trust, the 4 pairs of nipples and soft belly musk of mom.
My hard leathered muscles supple to empty fur best
mother-soft, mother-safe darkness, purring to rest.

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