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Evocative tone

It’s a rough brogue of a purr but I find myself pleasantly warmed by the irregular beating lilt of the subjects’ speech. their tones to me often take on a particular flavor as if they were mewing to draw a kit-stump from the hole where she was born with her litter, stumbling blind on a roly-poly belly and tiny nearly bare legs and soft claws. It takes me back to my first litter to hear the tone.


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Ah, it feels good to pad about on a sun-warmed floor. What more could I cat want? Well, Tu-na comes to mind but I have nosed in all the cupboard when opened and there seem to be no cans in stock. It’s good to have something to live in hope of though.

All is right in the world after a full-stomach and a nap.

I curled up on the folded leg space of one of the individuals this morning. Most of their sleeping spots are so high that I am getting my exercise with all these hops. Even this one is a bit of a hop but ever so gratifying. My front arm down her leg and her front leg down my side. It is all a lovely celtic love knot.

Now, if you don’t mind I think I’ll pad myself off for another nap.

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Zooorl- Swat

Off you go. Enough already. How’s a girl to get her beauty sleep.

Not that *I* need any more beauty.

But someone here has got a photo bug. Everytime I close my eyes to sleep I hear a motor of a lense pulling out. True I normally slep with one eye open but is ridiculous. I am Queenly yes, beautiful certainly, but what am I to be pursued by paparazzi like this, Prince William?

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Barking up the Family Tree

There are so many feral individuals out there on diurnal soujourns.

Some with ears that are on short tubes, some long-lobed, some with a lobe directly angled to the head, otehrs with a flap. Some of the species have hair coming out of the canal. The cartiledge is as a flat panel, others subdivided into hollows. Some are black, some pink, some blue and shaved but none I have seen have been calico. Odd. Some species get all the breaks I guess.

They and their friends vary to an amusing degree in scale. Although we do have cousins who are much larger than I am, the lions of the Serengeti and Ocelot of the southern americas, my kind is more lunch than lunch date with these. They do not have the advantage of multi-dimensional living as we do.

So far as canines, they are a bit of a blank. Their code, for it is too primitive to be called a full-fledged language, had eleuded our best code-breakers. We get the general impressions of course. Who could miss the meaning of”loooooonely, got a feeeeling called the blluuuuues” utterance or “yo I’m king.” the more subtle aspects are something of a Rosetta Stone.

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Plasticity and Play-Doe

How they can be of one small gene pool but be shaped so plastically is a wonder. I suppose it only externally, or at least the genes that vary between them are not that great but manifest physical attributes that give the impression of greater distinctions than there are.

They can hardly make do with the senses they have. Their night vision seems weak and their senses of smell and hearing are like newborns. Yet those opposible thumbs are admirable. I shouldn’t envy them for that though. Had we have developed opposible thumbs we might never have harnessed our superior intellectual ability, the dark 9/10 of the mind that for them, the lights are still not on. telekenesis eludes them even after so many millenium. Indeed even strategic planning a strain on their mental resources whereas I can put it to trivial use such as when I waited for my colleague to go through her scheduled wake up and third turn of the PM then knocked the bag off the counter right onto her dull noggin.

Ah, it wasn’t fair and wasn’t nice but was a highlight of my day.

She got hers though when she waited until I was in stretched out sleep and did a direct assault planting a claw right across my nose. There was some tearing around in circles through this place. Let me tell you that. It’s all a bit of foreplay anyway. Grabbed her by the nape I’ll tell you.

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Comic Proportions

It is hard for a xenobiologist to not get too attached to her subjects. Indeed I find myself making quite the pets out of the gangly pair. They are adorably comically proportioned. It’s a wonder that we don’t begin an industry to make carrying kittens in their shape. Smaller of course to fittheir nape into our kittens’ mouths.

I spend a lot of my day watching out the window over the streaming mass of them. The whole species is rather canine I find. They distribute their fat in distinctive ways, some on the belly making them look at though they are about to have a litter of 10. Some carry it on their back end. Some evenly distribute the weigh throughout or like a pile of cat treats with a narrow top and spreading wide towards the bottom. Or a reversed pyramid of cat treats. excuse me. Snack break.

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Scandalous Observation

There are sadists really.

They take this delicacy of their species that they refer to as /see ach iyiy essiy/ and they not only withhold it from us, full-well knowing how we adore the substance, but then they put it so inapropraitely on those chlorophyll pods they insist on eating. (I can only imagine how differently their digestion system must work for that to be palateable!)

Then, to add insult to it all, they let the /see ach iyiy essiy/ burn to charcoal.

Have they no sense of it’s value? Sticks of opium are to be melted and smoked not this! Have they no morals?

My eyes widened incredulously as the wonderful fragrance turned to that of the usual burned food. It really is too upsetting to report back to the feline collective. this disregard for the delicacy has been on record as food abuse. the record needs no more citings to inflame and strain the relations between our species.

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