Make a joyful noise

Scampering catithentic of mid air leaps. I let loose with a grunt of (taekwando equivalency) air punches in the corner with chirrups of burbles of pure joy of movement…

But this regular programming has been interrupted to bring you yet another fire alarm testing.

What a piercing sound! What a way to ruin a perfectly good-feeling workout.

I feel like a chickadee with my head bobbling all over looking for a walk to escape the noise. My heart keeps racing under the stress of it all and whereas once intimidated, I must admit my normal calm self is starting to get her claws out.

I blink and contemplate the travellling through such intense sound to get to the perpetrators. It would be the equivalent of a space walk with oxygen low and space shrapnel all over. Enough to drive a cat to distraction. I am appreciative tht the subject, Sandy, is of sufficient height, to reach the mute button. This mitigates things. I feel grateful for her presence and nudge myself close.

As it starts again and again, I begin to get distance and observe how the sound decreases. My accuracy is not up to hitting the small metal nubs with my toe pads yet but I watch the process of her going back and forth for each alarm. These hairless talls have their uses. think I’ll keep them around.

The randomness and volume intrudes to even overide the merits of a properly radiant heated sunpatch.

Even with it muted I can still hear the ear-piercing disturbing squall of the alarm from neighbouring units, and the construction noise in the direction of crow draughts and seagull volleys from the ruthless war machine that is McDs, but at least, muted in unit, it is better.

11 times so far with this alarm. Someone seems to be resetting the system over and over. Knock at the door. I think I’ll decline my normal greeting duties in this harried case. Let me modify what I said, *some* hariless talls have their uses.



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