books and spines

Computers are handy for exploring the world. There’s no denying that.

The laptop models however are a poor substitute for gum stimulator compared to a good novel though. The laptop won’y keep its lid at a siff useful angle but the novel in hand keeps being adjusted for optimal angle.

Further to the dichotomy, the novel can leave the lap free and one hand free for me whereas that one eyed unblinking stare of a machine reflecting back the user in it’s dark pupil may take up both hands and both legs. What a gluttony of petting cuddling resources.

The hairless talls must have a spine with different kinesthetic and mechanical properties than mine. for illustration, when I am using the lap and the mechanical lap top bleeps for attention and she uses it, she can go an extended periods without a good spine curl stretch. What kinks I would have if I were to stay still so long!


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