The Trip – Part 3 Most petculiar

As I tore my mind away from the catnip embued air I twiched at the heady in a different way scent of a very very very friendly cocker spaniel who seemed to want to make our acquaintance. To his credit he didn’t yip just wiggled his hips and tail stump in the univeral come and play fashion. Being otherwise occupied behind bars we politely declined his perky offer.

The door opened again to bring in the several thousand sub-scents of the outdoor esters and gases and grasses and..

Ooh. “Nice to make your acquaintence” I telelinked. She was a proud, young kitten, no more than 2 litter’s age into life. Give or take a few years and a few more kgs she was the same appearance as my colleague but of a sweeter nature.

Her name, from the Hairless talls was most peculiarly the same as well. Could it be a broad pattern? Are the hairless talls capable of such organization? Coincidence I thought to myself in a hidden part of my brain tucked away from the new acquaintence in her “carrier”. Luckily she couldn’t see the furrowed part of my forehead hair.

At the back of my brain as I reeled off my data and stories, part of me was left contending with the conundrum: Did they name all white felines the same? Truly I haven’t worked with a white colleague before now myself. I have no basis to judge. Something to tuck and away and ponder and observe for.

[psychically mo-blogged]


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