The Trip – Part I

I knew that this trip was coming. My colleague had already happened upon the “carrier” out in the hall and with a few glances to and fro from face to plastic box inferred from the guilty look that it was not a mere closet cleaning.

Our suspicions were confirmed when one of the resident hairless toms came back from his rounds early and proceded to carry my colleague. This is, by tacit agreement on all sides, not done. Some of us like to have our feet suspected from terra firma, others of us are more terrified firmly when such an event occurs.

She had already huddled hidden behind a column but the window behind her gave away her position through close inspection and reflection. rats! I was to be next. Not that I mind a good physical. But for appearance sakes, one must put up something of a show.

I first made a foil of myself of being purrrfect complacency and naitivity with being carried about then, upon cue of seeing the carrier stepped into my next role of conscientious objector. I did an impressive spreadeagled protest even my toes stretched out to stop being put into the “carrier”. Upon being put in I quickly set to work at trying to jimmy the lock as any simian might also do. In short order though the blanket came over us and like being picked up by the scruff of the neck as kittens, it had a disquietingly quieting effect.

[psychically mo-blogged]


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