breakfast in bed

The subjects are on holidays. Judging from street traffic changes, it’s a general holiday not just a day off. Even the hairless tall’s catnip store (LCBO for Alcohol) is closed! That doesn’t happen often. Usually it seems the whole of simian lines are in that queue!

A holiday for them works out well. There’s a sumptious concoction of perfumed food around this morning — eggs, butter, *and* cheese. My nose bridge has been getting quite a workout! Does my muzzle look more muscular yet?

Oooh! cheese. And nibble for me. more? yes? yes? yes? no. they ate it. Ah well. I had been due to jaunt through the perimeter surveillance and go to groom my colleague. While there, she’ll regale me with stories she had of the mouser field dimension as I tidy up her ears. I won’t mention the cheese. What am I? Do I look like a seagull?


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