great minds

Great minds discuss ideas. Average minds discuss events. Cat minds big noises and watches for cheese to appear.

Sometimes I think I am too hard on my colleague. She is after all besot with health conditions between her heart murmer, hyperthyroidism, being a possible carrier of FIV from her time semi-feral in barns, [tests negative as it turns out], fraternizing in the wild life, her neurosis of sudden movements or sounds, (still shellshocked from her last couple of assignment homes).

She’s frankly a mess and yet she manages to send her reports to the collective as well as I do and makes far more attempts than yours truly to vocally communicate. Each evening and morning she tirelessly assails the air with her reports of all that has transpired in the day to Sandy and Whatshisname.

Maybe considering all that I will rise above competition, events and ideas to greater soulness and won’t attack her in her foetelled sleep with a claw to the nose, today.


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