I’m back!

En route back to my nap, I walk over their legs — they use them too, just not just now so I can.
I observe how much easier it is to navigate if the subjects wear form-hugging garments than these draped sheets. Walking over blanketed legs is like walking on straw. Good mental perceptual exercise mind you to gingerly pick my way across the seemingly flat uniform surface.

You never know where there is less dense pocket and a foot slips deeper than expected marring my otherwise shadowy liquid movement. One mistep and as in a haymow, my shoulder jars as my foot drops unexpected and a moth will shoot out to be caught with my remaining teeth and crunch all that floury and wet goodness…

Sorry, got lost in that metaphor.
Where was I? …moth (lick), …straw, ….walking, ….blankets and dresses, yes….it’s hard to judge just where the flesh ends and the gap between the body parts begins and, excuse me, I’m overdue for my nap.

May Cattess Mror keep your purrs and fur in good order!


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