9 senses

I’m lying here thinking about perceiving. I have a sense of taste buds and secondly my jacobson’s sense, neither of which is gathering anything out of the ordinary just now. Thirdly, I have another sense of smell looping though the nasal passages. Beyond the stink dispersing from my colleague’s relief release from the chair above me, nothing out of the ordinary.

Fourthly, there is sound. From here, I can hear the irregular heartbeat of the road as the night traffic accelerates and stops as hairless toms caterwaul to janes on the sidewalks. There is the occasional siren and squeal, a hairless tall newborn crying nearby, an occasional large dog variety calling something out to a friend. Again, same-same for the hour.

The fifth sense is touch comprising many aspects of weight, heat, solidity and humidity. I can feel the weight of my own front paw draped over the edge of the other leg at the wrist, feel hair touch hairtip as my breath expands my skin and closes in again fanning fur open and shut, open and shut. I sense the patterns of heat and cool move across the window with the wind.

From my 6th sense I gather my sightlines I judge the wind outside as 12 km/h, and study the way the shadows move through the plants outside the glass, observe the lights that come on as someone moves through a tall structure across the air space and the hunter who prowls about 600 metres away trying to intercept the man on the corner. I doubt they can see each other yet considering they can only see about 1/6 of what I can under this 3/4 moon. I thank Mror for my eyes, old but not yet rheumy. See how good I can do? http://videoforcats.com/catvision.htm

This brings to mind the 7th and 8th senses, I realize my immediate surroundings and sense of direction respectively. This is judged two ways, immediately from my whisker distance, internally from my sense of balance and relative to immediate structures.

I judge my position more broadly in the global sense of space, namely, my relation to gravity and sky and magnetic north. I’m facing south-south-east, 77 degrees. I am 210 moors of gravity from sea level and the unit of distance triagulated from magnetic north is harder to translate because this language does not have the units or concept. I will pass just now.

The 9th and final sense of emotional wellness is hard to translate. Tibetan comes close to vocabulary for the number of subtle states of being but my translation can barely approach a reasonable approximation with Shamatha of abiding peacefulness. I feel my inner eyelids sliding in to cover me for dream travel just now.

Miao for now


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