I monitor their sleep as a nurse monitors the terminally ill, see them through their turns, keep myself close by, look into their REM movements in the night. As the lights of passing traffic flash across the wall, a small eye of it is cast off the mirror and into his eyes, partly open. Their Tapetum is oddly unreflective.



  1. Jai said

    Have you ever heard the saying, ‘be careful for what you wish for?’ I have! Its true!
    I have this friend who wasn’t so friendly with a girl.
    They fought since they were in grade four over who was smarter, prettier, you know what I mean. BETTER THAN THE OTHER! Anyway, they got into a big cat fight on the road. My friend was very angry and wished that the girl got very, very, very, very sick. After that day, the girl felt bad and apologized. They worked their differences out and became friends. A couple of days had past and then THE GIRL GOT SICK! My friend was shocked, and wished she didn’t wish the girl was sick. She cuts me out the picture after that. All she cared about was them staying *best* friends forever.
    I didn’t care about that though. So, I moved on and made a new friend. Its could to meet new people!

  2. Valderbar said

    I’m sorry to hear that fear and misunderstanding of the power of your friend’s words could lead to poor choices. From poor choices we all learn, unfortunately. Even today I am learning about how my imploring wishes for food does not make it come but sometimes while I beg, food does come but the cause and effect may not be a causal connection. I wholeheartedly agree though that meeting more friends is always expanding your net of knowing and this with the right learning from wrong decisions can only lead to wisdom and wisdom to kindness and greater, deeper knowledge. Such as from where the canned catfood comes.

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