electrical fields

Hairless talls come with a wide range of electrical field. Some have a quieting field, others a more uneven one. I’ve observed that individual levels of electricity vary by hours and days. Today the level is around 10 K ohms. How do I know? A scientist always has tools at hand, and more importantly, the ability to improvise accurately from background knowledge.

By lying across a lap, one of the hairless tall’s paws on each end of my stroked fur, say on my front shoulder and my hip, sparking is building and by the closed loop of their circuit I have in effect a crude galvanic skin reponse meter in the form of my person. (For more on GSM, see Trand4mind.com)

I thus have an easy but not not fast way to measure their cortical activity, beyond what I can evidence by their amount of fidget or singing with the wind-like music playing. A lovely choice I might add with the stimulating notes of wild birds in the introduction.

Next we work on biofeedback to bring down their response rate through breathing exercises and my guided purring to the 25K ohms range.


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