wooo, hold there big paws!

What’s this? I had been perfectly comfortable in my mousing dream, thank you.

And I am awoken with strokes for…?

Oh, I see, another “uplifting experience” coming my way without my explicit prior consent as I am airlifted from one lap to another.

My legs spread-eagle and my tail tip rotors, ears flattened in a most unflattering but hopefully communicative way…

no? hello…? ah, exuuuse me. nope, not wanting this thank you…

let go before my claws go on auto!

whoa… I squirm and wriggle and through a few parting bunny kicks free my legs and hips, make my scampering escape with as much dignity as I can muster.

I stand back under one of the less comfortable glass flat beds and look at them askance to see if they register any comprehension of my no. Surely I don’t need to vocalize.

My colleague, also in a no huggie sort of mood, has since made like a paratrouper across clear-cut terrain, proactively running crouched low for the nearest closet.

[psychically moblogged]

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