fishing around for something

Did you know the Blue fins used to be 136 kg at middle age when eaten? That’s more than a whole feral neighbourhood can easily take on! I’m becoming something of a fish afficiando from reading the Marine and Coastal Information System records

My theory is that the tuna would not be in such a state of overfishing if the hairless talls would give a monopoly of the net’s yield to us, and eat something else themselves. They can have the citrus and chocolate and broccoli for instance. That would be enough for them to get the variety in diert they need.

As far as Tuna, hand it over…

I mesmerize the hairless tom with my eyes until he “spontaneously thought of” serving me tuna. He even brought the glorious word to tongue. Now he’s looking in the tuna cupboard. I hear the rattle of drawer, can opener…

Aha! Victory!

Noooo! The other vetoed the idea. Ah, victory snatched

hairball! I can’t focus on both of them at once; my psychic beams aren’t configured for that.
She wants to go out. Out? Out? without giving me tuna first? What could possibly be more important than that?

Mror help us. Paw covers on and metal clicks of lock slid in. They’re gone Amigo. My colleague wasn’t really into the moment anyway. She gives up so easily.

It’s a setback for me. Still, I feel my mind control is softening their resolve, conditioning them, long term. In each small success I try to reinforce the positivity of the notion with lavish affection as close to the time of delivery as possible to associate the rubs with the tuna.

Is it working? These hairless talls can be a slow bunch, but, once in a while, the simians catch the mouse in a single pounce.

More often they flub it though. Like just now.

Sometimes I wonder if the collective isn’t right? When they do “get it”, perhaps it *is* just the law of odds, beating their own best odds as with their insightful, or beginner’s luck, leap. Round-bellied and downy as kittens, half blind, they just aren’t developed enough for communicating mind-to-mind.

Still, as felinpomorphic as it is, I lean towards giving more credence to their brain being able to function more than we generally give them credit for. The barrier is a matter of language, in a way. It’s software compatibility, not discrete function on either of our sides.

I argue, I did just today, with my colleague, “isn’t there some respect for potenatial owed those who can can a baby blue tuna? Most blue fins are nearly three times my weight at 25 kg, *and* in ocean water. Not really a boat creature myself, I find this incredible.”

She demurred knowing how I do go on about some of these things and went to check out if the kibble was refilled. No one is here. How could it be refilled? She’s compulsive like that. Her tray trips go on a cycle separate from logic.

*sigh* I’m wrapping myself in my tail and going back to sleep.

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