downdown and up times

Smell of dust being settled by rain that is so fine it is almost vapour, smell of sawdust glues and distant welding coming from the south east, from the south west edge of breeze, crushed grasses, burning tobacco, drying wet dog. The sun soaks into my fur like a deep toothed comb. I scan for birds. The clouds don’t release any but I have all the time in the world to watch.

My colleague turns circles chasing her tail with grunts. I purr indulgently, prop the side of my chin on edge of the blanket, watch her watch it, see her study the tip twitching, her diving at her stomach, missing. She feigns nonchalence, turning her back to it then spinning quickly to catch it, running clawing circles left then falling over herself, then running around to the right.

It’s good to see her returning to her old self. Our confinement and her last furrough was tough on her system. She seems to finally be coming back out of her shell. It’s a wonder what regularity can do for mental health.

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