all quiet on the domus front

The study subjects are sprawled out under their covers between dreams. They look like such cute pets like this with only their heads showing, slack jaws leaving their tongues out to dry or drool. Their snores if you turn your ears just right can almost be imagined as a purr.

I let myself down carefully from my toiletry run and inpection round. My hips are aching. It comes and goes. I am an xenobiologist, not physician but I’d hazard to say that it’s a touch of arthritis and a rough massage of fatigue from incisors to the last vertibrae of my tail. Maybe I should cut back on my shadow catithenics for a couple days. The body is wonderous that it goes at all at my age.



  1. Anonymous said

    Hi, saw your blog on Invested 6 shares into it. Just wanted to state that I read your blog and I like it 🙂 Keep up the good work.

    my blog:
    I’m also owned by cats, pics here:

  2. Valderbar said

    Thanks for your comments Cari! I’m glad to visit the household you pointed me to.

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