When Alice in Wonderland said, “I wish you wouldn’t keep appearing and vanishing so suddenly; you make one quite giddy.” the cat being accomodating to a fault as cats are, acquiesced to her request.

“All right,” said the Cat; and this time it vanished quite slowly, beginning with the end of the tail, and ending with the grin, which remained some time after the rest of it had gone.

Contrary to popular belief and what our senses would seem to tell us, a cat cannot actually disappear as Louis Carroll said. His account is not credible. For one, who grins? Absolute rattycock. His Cheshire Cat is actually a work of fiction. But as with most fiction, there is a grain of truth.

We can be quite subtle. Can be surreptitious, move on feather-soft feet, nimbly avoiding most sliding glass doors and landing as a gymanast on the backs of chairs without, most of the time, overshooting the mark and landing on our nonchalant tail in the air derriere. We can watch for opportunities adn take the best possible instant to capitalize on, in a flash of loose uncatchable skin, be from A to B before Subjects have even perceived an alternate use for say, the pretty bird that would also make a lovely lunch in a snap!

We also are gifted at making ourselves quite small. It’s a little known fact that as a snake can unhinge its jaw and make almost anything pass between its teeth, we can collapse our skull in, nesting like sugar bowls and get ourself into almost any small space. If our muzzle can fit we can stretch and wiggle to get the rest of us through.

Beyond this, we of course, are quite clever, not overusing our abilities by toying with TVs, clothes and cupboards like raccoons and monkeys do. Few of us gloat in the glut of our natural gut-intelligence. We don’t squander our abilities just for fun but only when it would serve us best.

Our greatest cloak of invisibility is our mystique, our image. Image is nothing if flogged until the inherant transparency and flaws come to light by so many examinations. By this I mean, we are not all geniuses– Take my colleague for example. (Please. She is vexing. But housebroken. Well trained in audiology, REM sleep and dream analysis. Doesn’t smoke. Can you make her disappear? )

(Of course, I’m kidding Ms. Zhou. satire. A terrible hairless tall habit I seem to be picking up. I’m sure Butterball got it.)


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  1. WorkingNob said

    Excellent Post! I loved it!

    “Image is nothing if flogged until the inherant transparency and flaws come to light by so many examinations.” – beautiful

    You are on the level!

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