another day, another doctor

That’s the way it goes, in the mouth, back up again. Excuse me body, you seem to have mistook yourself for a cow. *heavy sigh* I’m not so much appreciating these stomach burbles either. The doctor had a prodding look at me, her minions injected me with liquid under the nape of my neck, leaving me feeling somewhat belonging to a bell tower. After all that barking around me in the waiting room, my ears are certainly ringing. I did have the chance to get acquainted with a sweet goldren retriever though. Not the quickest telepaths but still, he has some interesting political views for me to chew over. Which I may as well do now since all the excitement has me clean worn out. This quick rehydration boost does have me feeling somewhat steadier on my feet though.

Well, Miao for now!
Paws to smell the breeze!


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