Oh Mror Lord! What a week of indulgence (and Happy Thanksgiving to all the hairless talls it applies to). We have had duck, tuna, turkey, cheese and some exquisite mixture of an indeterminate meaty cream-meal. I’m going to wear my upper lip bald from all my face cleaning. That’s not complaint, mind you. Bring it on. I’ll know when to stop, right? I’ll tamp it more compactr with purrs just in case more opportunties present themselves between now and my hap.

What beautiful dreams I’ll have — entire buffet lines of moist, tender selections. Sometimes life is every bit as cockle-warming as a Richard Bach ferret book. He’s very popular in translation to Catonese, you know. A few scholars have brought it over across the digital divide because of their inspiring spirit lifting nature. Sometimes the hairless talls honor the good within all living beings. And on that note,


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  1. Anonymous said

    1 question for you and a friendly debate topic to start.

    Question: Do you or has your human posted other pics of yourself on the internet other than your avatar? You look to be the most beautiful of felines and I’d love to see other pics.

    Debate topic:
    Are cats really as superior to their human housemates as you make them out to be?

    Opening statements:
    Domesticated felines remain in a kitten-esque mode for their adult lives as humans have not allowed (and prefer them) to be dependent on humans for food, affection, and basic health needs.
    Let’s assume for the time being that your human (or humans) has disappeared from your life. There are no doors or windows to the outside world open.

    First off you’re gonna need food. The food in your bowl is only going to last so long. And let’s face it, the majority of human households do not have a population of rodentia to keep an adult feline alive. Cats have grown dependent on humans to fill their food dish constantly.
    Cat food is usually stored behind closed doors. Cats cannot open latched, sliding, or closet doors unless they are slightly ajar, due to the lack of opposable thumbs & in some cases height.

    You’re also going to need a source of fresh water. Some humans leave the lids to the toilet bowls open, or there’s the sinks or tubs which may have water in them.

    Litter box isn’t going to remain clean for too long. Unless the human has left potted plants out for your use, where are you going to do your duties? Anywhere on the floor might make it difficult to navigate.

    Also a less minor detail, however a detail nonetheless. Affection, companionship… without this you’ll be going nutso fairly soon. Unless you have other canines or felines in the house.

    The situation is laid out, how do you survive without your human?

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