Am I dependant on them for affection? I have affection from myself and my colleague. I prefer their affection. I am better off with it. I can get more affection from them than I would from non-cats in a colony semi-feral where I once lived in an extended family unit. It is a different affection that I have adapted to as they have adapted to my way of showing kinship and affection through the tongue and hips and presence. How much is unhealthy and impinges on adultness? Some families and pair bonds are dependant to the degree that what one can do, the other forgets how to and specializes on other things. This specialization or dependancy is a product of being a functioning social creature. And within the strength of the group comes the weakness of the individual. I feel though, I have retained the base skills of independance but choose to keep this home base. When let out, I have returned to the refuge for the advantages if offers and the security I value. Being a more timid individual than some, perhaps that choice is naturally easy. For Ms. Zhou, well, being more of a loner, gourmand, and not the world’s swiftest hunter, her choice keeps being here too.

Which brings us to the more clear cut matter of food. Certainly in that way I am dependant on their return each day, or after 3 sunsets on occasion which I am notified of by the amount of water and food stickpiled. This I live in trust of, perhaps similarly to their trust that I will not smother them in their sleep or defecate in their marked personal territory zones.

Health needs I am largely self-sufficient as they are. My immune system can do most. My self-medicating with plants and drinking from self-access toilet in worst case are as capable as their health needs abiltiies for themselves. Obviously I can’t dial for a doctor. But then, so far as I can see neither my medical aid nor theirs can do much of anything effective to cure thyroid condition at any rate. We are all dependant on the flukes of the future and unforeseeable outcomes of our own genes and experiences.

Paws ahead!



  1. hi…

    thanks for visit my blog.. its nice to know that you have a cat site… good job with your posts… i will visiting you again ok… bye bye

  2. hi…

    thanks for visit my blog.. its nice to know that you have a cat site… good job with your posts… i will visiting you again ok… bye bye

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