further thought

The logic that I must be happy with my choices because I have not left is faulty. (I attribute the less than scientific sense to feeling hairballed.)

It is natural to stay with what ideas or circumstances you have regardless of whether they are good or bad. Because one lives under a despotic alpha one is not enticed to leave. If one has set out territory and the jaw rubbings of bond to a place, one does not leave because of the presence of a threatening interloper even if the territory claimed is not particularly warm or a real mouseful. It is yours.

Being yours does not make it good not to mention optimal.

Nor does less than optimal imply that it is eveil and that there is a slave to be freed from an oppressive dog either. (Not that I have anything against dogs per se. We are one living fur, even the hairless talls.)

At the same time, is feline to have the claws come out at the absurdities and gracelessness we sometimes find ourselves in, even when the claws are of no use sharpened against ideas more slinkily shadowy than even me. We must step past it, forebearance how many litters before we birth the one kit that will be our companion that will be a lifelong companion.

More paws ahead.


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