More on Mror

While Mror is more abstract to me than to Ms. Zhou, my satisfaction is I think less low. Mror is after all autonomously feral, intersexed with the characteristics of both tom and jane. She took life in an off-paw manner, living dawn-to-dawn in a manner similar to what you hairless talls may recall of the youth-path of buddha…except that she went up the tree of enlightenment and instead of chastity formented brawls with toms and brought out 6 consecutive litters which she abandonned with a free heart to her littermate sister.

Certainly Catess Mror is a model of life lived with fevor and flavor. We all can’t be her however. And Mror blesses all cats. Perhaps someday she may event extend her special benediction to hairless talls who would come forward to receive her rite of licks.

It must be my illness that has me mulling such silly things as can not be swatted by a paw this moment. this moment is all that matter. On that note, think I’ll go pounce Ms. Zhou. Playtime!

So Mror over. Next time something more within whisker length…


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