tappity tap tap tap tap

She keeps pawing that keyboard. I want my turn to upload my homily, but it seems that despite being so close to the entry point, I’ll have to just psychically mo-blog instead. Did I not declare dibs hours ago? How did she miss it?

I try distracting her by walking across the keyboard but to no avail. I try luring her like Lassie to food even though it is full and race back and jump on her chair before she gets back. She’s just lifts me off. Sitting at her shoulder, I try tapping her arm over and over, sometimes with a relaxed paw, sometimes with claws extended just to keep things interesting.


Wonder what she’s up to anyway. The other is at that too.

I try leaving a trail of footprints across what he’s working on but his patience is endless to lift me off and set me aside. this could get amusing. Back adn forth, lick a hand, scratch my chin on his screen, display my ever so pretty derriere in the lovely backlighting. Try typing a bit in his document.

And I’m airlifted. I can start to see the tiniest of jaw clench now. This could get to be more fun than anything I was about to tell you about anyway. Perhaps I’ll see just how many crossings I can make…

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