economies of scale and scaling

Cats live purely on the barter exchange, when not hunting and gathering directly for needs. And yet, when we look eye to eye, such superficial differences melt.

Hunting and gathering these days amounting to swatting errant cheese bits out from under the fridge, keeping hunting skills up with a little b-ball* and flat page to pounce. Well, and each other of course. We have the regimen of catithenics of shadow boxing and running laps around the room. Then there’s all the running in our sleep, keeping ears at peak efficiency with twitching. We get by pretty well without a gold standard or anything like the IMF By nature we arrange ourselves into small social units and are fairly independant which helps.

The hairless talls, or, staircases as I more affectionately call them, live in one convoluted economy by comparison. But yet they seem largely successful. It’s hard to tell if it is because of or despite it. At least one thing is clear. They follow the principle 2 rules to success in life. 1. Don’t tell people everything you know.

*b-ball – bouncy ball


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