I had that coming

Sometimes life hand-feeds you an advantage and it’s your Mroral duty to press it as far as you can.

So I was accidentally closed in the room with the communal food bowl yesterday… Or more to the point, when Ms. Zhou was closed out. .. Whiskers being bigger than my stomach I lapped up the whole bowl myself before anyone was the wiser or quicker. The talls just presumed I couldn’t eat that fast and let my colleague in to help finish up breakfast. She protested loudly that there was none but as she is always protesting something loudly, they didn’t attend to it.

My! but she was in a foul mood. I on the upper hand, proceeded to expand my territory. Bed at night, mine. Chair in sun patch in morning. Mine. Her ability to run through corridor to toilet, trimmed back a bit. She of course can go. At double pace. Heh.

I particularly love the yellow chair. I do have a few established hours on it but, why have a few when you can have them all?

The revolution started to wheel back to the old normal at around 4 am this morning when I was chased by a snarling white menace into a corner and had, what you might call, a posture adjustment. I have conceded back the chair and old bathroom routes but the bed, for now, is still mine.


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