Well, that was all very thrilling. Too bad I don’t have a webcam or you would ahve seen that white streak of my collegue (in the furry buff as usual despite unfunny jokes about making the contrary). She of great girth hopped from window sill to desk adn collapsed it. The whole desk top slid off its legs, toppled the lamp, the monitor, a book, some detritis and the table top with the most phenomenal crash. In a flash she was half way around the abode in her flight knocking over a vase of flowers with a clang that scared her so badly that she started running back from where she came and mid-way took a 90 degree turn and jumped under the bed.

I myself, jumped at the noise but stayed in my skin and on the floor. Saunting through the room I surveyed the mess and cleanup crew reassembling one of my more favorite perches by a window. It doesn’t seem anything was hurt except the pride of she who does not so much glide as gallump. Poor dear. Perhaps I should duck into her hiding spot and give her a grooming over. She’s probably shaking.

Paw-Paw for now!


  1. Jilly said

    Did you get any turkey?

  2. Jilly said

    Never mind. Just noticed you’re in Canada. No Thanksgiving turkey for you.

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