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stomaching it

The hairless talls have amazing stomachs. They can consume and appear to enjoy a wide variety of greenery without vomiting. I know it from textbooks and yet seeing is a different level of believing. They also ate the juice of rotted vegetable matter with extemely processed beans of a cacoa tree. It leaves my head swimming. Such a bad smell. How do they do it?

Paws to consider

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four feet under

My four feet are under me as one foot. I stand tall and begin an extended session of purr. I feel my upper body nod forward with each wave of purr.

At length of pause and paw each alternating sides stretching my toes into the pillow. The day is clear and the sky birdless. I scan the room adn out the window as I rock and am rocked by purrs.

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An armful

My colleague- I mentioned she minored in audiology? – has noted that I speak to her in consonants but the hairless talls in vowels. Isn’t that absurd. She’s just feeling put out. I even gave her back the dayslot on the bed. She is one to grab a muzzle. Ah well, a little understanding goes a long way. We are all entitled to an offday now and then.

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I had that coming

Sometimes life hand-feeds you an advantage and it’s your Mroral duty to press it as far as you can.

So I was accidentally closed in the room with the communal food bowl yesterday… Or more to the point, when Ms. Zhou was closed out. .. Whiskers being bigger than my stomach I lapped up the whole bowl myself before anyone was the wiser or quicker. The talls just presumed I couldn’t eat that fast and let my colleague in to help finish up breakfast. She protested loudly that there was none but as she is always protesting something loudly, they didn’t attend to it.

My! but she was in a foul mood. I on the upper hand, proceeded to expand my territory. Bed at night, mine. Chair in sun patch in morning. Mine. Her ability to run through corridor to toilet, trimmed back a bit. She of course can go. At double pace. Heh.

I particularly love the yellow chair. I do have a few established hours on it but, why have a few when you can have them all?

The revolution started to wheel back to the old normal at around 4 am this morning when I was chased by a snarling white menace into a corner and had, what you might call, a posture adjustment. I have conceded back the chair and old bathroom routes but the bed, for now, is still mine.

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hear that?

No I don’t expect you do. My hearing is more acute plus I’m closer to the shuffling gait in the hall than you. Even if you were twice as close, you probably couldn’t detect the trajectory. I’ve noticed that the hairless talls can’t seem to pinpoint which door in the hall someone is appraoching. A key in any lock makes them stir from whatever they are doing. A ball dropped on their ceiling makes them look towards the door for a knock. Those paralyized thick earflaps can’t help much. However can I not worry about their safety when they do “out there” around traffic. How they are able to navigate and come home each day (so far) is beyond me.

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lady’s visit

The hairless talls have been using particularly beseeching calls. They seem nervous. They act as if they are about to reach down and pick me up but withhold. Something in their body language makes me a little suspicious of cat treats just now. I’ll keep a careful eye on them. I give a lateral spine pull down the wall and see if I can dislodge the loose old claw sheathes while I put a whisker on what exactly has my senses tingling that something is up. There is no barred restraint box on set out. Must not be a vet visit. Something is definitely amiss.

Hm, I recognize that footstep in the hall. And when the tap at the door was answered, I confirm it was not my imagination. I place her by smell and knew immediately what was coming next. My cue to leave.

Angel, hellcat and rocket bound up in one solid blurred form, that’s me. Back inside the darkness of the closet behind the long dresses I lay with my stomach glued to the floor and hips and shoulders hunched, energies concentrating on increasing my own gravity to avoid the lifting.

Knowing what seems to be scripted for the future, does not mean I will go down without a hide and go seek and a fight to escape. I know she carries a clipper and knows how to use it. I know she is kind and deft and just doing her job as any soldier is. Just the same I can’t help feeling a knot in my intestines over her appearance at our abode. Who exactly invited her I’ll never know but I sent no emails to that effect.

My colleague headed for the automatic fur-licking machine the hairless talls have in the hall hutch. I know she will give them a run for their money too. As I lay moon eyed attending to the sounds of the search, I can’t say that she had a bad olifactory aura about her. Her paws were warm and firm last time. But you know, some of the quicks of my claws are long and I don’t enjoy being pinned. I’m just not a pin-up sort of girl.

Yikes! On all fours they are coming from two sides. Jig’s just about up. The loose sheathes at the end of my toes itch. I could have got them off too, given enough quality time with the carpet but she has come to curtail any such self-sufficiency…

Am I an American football pigskin? No but despite this I am finding myself tucked into an armpit against my will. I struggle but she has all the right technique to hold my loose skinned wriggle at a well-lit angle for a toenail trimming. She is quick, I’ll give her that. And a dotted bloodline across the arm if I can manage it. Bear it. Bear it. It’s all that there is to do now. She squeezes my foot and presses my claws out. Clip, Clip, Half way there now. I’ll be due a good nap after this. Judging from the array of white fur on the counter, it looks like I’m client number two. Ms. Zhou was particularly silent this time. Or was it I just lost in my thoughts so deeply that I couldn’t hear her?

Paws for now.

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Sunning ourselves

Long as a snake stretched in one texas long patch of sun. I on the table and the two hairlesses on their chairs and this is the good life. The glass may be able to chill a nose but here we’re as good as buttered toast. The air has the scent of cheese and seafood.

Once I rouse myself from my semi-slumber sunnap I pat, pat, pat, pat, pat, pat the shoulder to get him to move over and flatten his lap so I can get a better position. I walk back and forth along the keyboard and he raises his arm in a new game of high jump. I’m game. Maybe a few more rounds like this then we can change to that circuits around the place chasing him with an open food can or one of the utentsils to get into it.

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