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Always Hope

The cat came back A two-year-old male cat named as Kuzya has made an unprecedented journey across the Yakutia republic in Russia’s Siberia. The cat walked 2,150 kilometers in three months to find its home, Regnum news agency reports.

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Variety in Diet

One likes variation. I myself am partial to floor droppings. The odd dustbunny adds fibre, don’t you know. Food and felien are a natural fit. Take Jack for instance.
“His capacity to eat anything and everything far outdistanced even Buddy“. (I wonder how they would stack up against the feline hoover of my colleague, Ms Zhou? She strangely enough remains still websiteless.)

Ah well, it takes all angles of spin to make the ball go round the room.

The hairless tom cleaned out my water receptacle this morning and refilled it with fresh water. Hm, plain, same-same, tap. No Perrier?

I rather prefer the flavored water off after shower run off. When he toweled off I hopped in the tub to drink. Delish!

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this afternoon thus far

Looked like she would be there a while. I inquired and hopped up on invitation. teeter-totter butted then curled up to doze, then spread and melted over her. We stayed that way fro hours then just in case she needed it, I let her up for a bathroom break.

She ate. I went to eat. (We like to do these things together.) As I ate she came and peed in my lunchroom. (Do I use my toilet while she stands eating in the hall? Put me off my lunch. I ambled off, not one to make a fuss over uncultured.)

We’ve resumed the contented positions again, my purr massaging the tension from her thighs but if she doesn’t stop that typing I may just have to come up there and body block her screen in my cutest of ways.

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grey days, gaze

Oooh, if anything makes me want to have another litter, this kitten face does. I am too old and too stapled for that sort of thing now, me and my snuffly head. But there are other creature comforts. I am not alone. Physically or in community. For instance Sassafras and I are of one nose, drippy that is. Tis the season.

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Vote for Me

The Carnival of Cats needs a new margin-kitty. Vote for me? [Especially now that I’ve linked to the right page. Purrrrfect].

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I knew it

Something was up. The pile of kibble for one thing, number of toilets and the number of water doubled too. It’s been 2 days of the hairless tall’s absence. They left us well stocked and so far that hairless kit that had come over as replacement has not shows her bare face. We have enough food for at least 2 more days. They like to leave a margin of error. I fidn myself pacing their return however. Ms. Zhou seems to appreciate the lesser activity level.

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3 things

This is a meme courtesy of One of Many Blessings

Three Names You Go By:
1. Valderbar
2. ValVal
3. VALerEEEEEEEEE doooon’t

Three Things You Like About Yourself:
1. My lovely fur coat.
2. How my whiskers are black on the right and salt and pepper on the left
3. My subdued, modest, rarely voicing nature

Three Things You Dislike About Yourself:
1. This question confuses me.
2. No on the other paw, sensitive stomach.
3. Not so fond of sense of balance by times.

Three Things That Scare You:
1. I am unscareable. Scardy cat is a myth.

Three of Your Everyday Essentials:
1. Duck
2. Some serious purring and curling on a lap.
3. A run and jump about time.

What about you…what are some of your “Three Things”?

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