what happens in the bathroom

The simians don’t often let me into the bathroom with them. They are private about their toilettries as I am. I do my best to disappear if they should happen upon me while I do my business. In the name of xenobiology however, I feel it is more than my duty, but my curiosity to observe for myself. The textbooks on digestions are useful enough schematics and the smell tells me that they too are as biological as I am with the same life essentials. I have observed that they so have a lack of limberness of limbs that may be an obstacle to clean the nether regions. My texts are inordinately quiet on this. I had wondered if they didn’t expediently groom each other but my own eyes show they tend to go in the bathroom alone and any grooming comes so late after the said business to be pointless. I have tried sneaking myself in on their heals but have been summarily removed. I have tried rushing the room with meows when the door is ajar to see if I can’t sneak a peak but have learned little.

But having positioned myself by stealth in the bathtub behind the curtain I was able to hop to a good vantage point on the side to see the behavior in action. I know from experience with the phone ringing that the simians cannot get far fast with their pants about their ankles and more often than not just let the phone rung so deduced that my chances were good that they wouldn’t chase me out. I was right and you know, that roll of paper in the bathroom is more than cat amusement to bat nad make go in circles with replaceable sheets to put across teh room? They use that in lieu of tongues. A cat learns something new each moon.


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