3 things

This is a meme courtesy of One of Many Blessings

Three Names You Go By:
1. Valderbar
2. ValVal
3. VALerEEEEEEEEE doooon’t

Three Things You Like About Yourself:
1. My lovely fur coat.
2. How my whiskers are black on the right and salt and pepper on the left
3. My subdued, modest, rarely voicing nature

Three Things You Dislike About Yourself:
1. This question confuses me.
2. No on the other paw, sensitive stomach.
3. Not so fond of sense of balance by times.

Three Things That Scare You:
1. I am unscareable. Scardy cat is a myth.

Three of Your Everyday Essentials:
1. Duck
2. Some serious purring and curling on a lap.
3. A run and jump about time.

What about you…what are some of your “Three Things”?

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