it pays to observe

Well, that’s the most fun you can have without a mouse. One mustn’t laugh at other’s misfortunes. At least not until they are feeling better about it too.

You know what happened? My colleague-of-little-brain noticed the laundry closet door open and decided that behind the clothes-licker machine would be an ideal place for a nap.

I had observed however that the hairless jane had just put a load of clothes in there. Soon the timer would come on and the machine would start. While Ms. Zhou lay curled up asleep back there, hairless jane, closed the laundry closet door trapping my foibled-furry-friend in with the secodn loudest machine in the house about to come on.

Come on it did and the meowing and scratching you have never heard before! Luckily for my nap, the hairless jane was still around to rescue the hapless napless old nodder.


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