a quick chaser

Ever notice the more tense you are the more mellow everyone else seems and the more mellow you are the more tense others should be? I should be kind, but then, I am only feline.

And I have entirely too much time on my hands to not plot revenge for that hogging of the food yesterday. Ms Zhou shouldered me out the way and the hairlesses didn’t notice and left me hungry (and grouchy!) til next feeding.

My colleague’s in a long-laid-out-stretch of a nap in the sun. (She has switched her dreams to scamble pattern for privacy sake. It drives me wild out of curiosity when she does that. Even unencoded, I can’t read her dreams as well as the hairless tall synapses. Wonder what she’s dreaming.) She is running mid dream. (from me?) I creep up in my most stealthy of stealth modes and land a good swat on her ear.

She springs back from me with a hiss.

Uppity are we missey? You know *I’m* the one with the hiss privilege here. Double-long hiss for that!

That reciprocal hiss makes her roll back on her hind legs, the ball she is getting to be. She narrows her eyes at me and pats the air as if tp retaliate but doesn’t.

I make another lunge forward to see if I can put her on the run with a swat. Can’t even feel her ribs anymore but she doesn’t need them anyway. Her corset of quaking nerves keeps her muscles tight enough to replace bones anyway. Heh.

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